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Welcome to TagSense    Leading Innovation in RFID and Wireless Sensing TagSense creates custom RFID solutions
for tracking, identification, and sensing  
Company Profile   Founded in March 2000 as an MIT start-up company, TagSense was originally formed as a developer of innovative low cost RFID and sensor technologies for the toy industry. Building on its experience with low-cost design and electromagnetic materials, TagSense has since grown to provide RFID technology and consulting services to a wide variety of industries and companies worldwide.
Technology Portfolio TagSense owns a variety of intellectual property in the area of RFID and wireless sensors. In addition to its own patents pending, TagSense also has non-exclusive licenses to over 10 separate inventions from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) related to RFID and wireless sensing  


Today's emerging RFID applications require many technical skills, ranging from antenna design to radio-frequency electronics to custom software development. The TagSense research staff possesses expertise in a variety of academic disciplines and offers a comprehensive set of skills and services needed to meet the needs of any RFID application.

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TagSense offers several OEM products for sale, as well as reference designs available for licensing. For ordering instructions, please click here.

What's New

Product Release: NFC Development Board NFC-D1

Feb 2013 -- TagSense releases its first NFC product, the NFC-D1 development board. The NFC-D1 enables an external NFC phone or NFC reader to interrogate an analog sensor.  The NFC-D1 can be passively powered by the NFC phone or reader and in-turn provides power to the external sensor.

Product Release: BlueReader-HF - Handheld HF/NFC Reader

Aug 2012 -- TagSense releases the BlueReader-HF, which is a Bluetooth-enabled reader for HF tags (13.56 MHz). The Bluereader-HF contains a small LCD display and 2 GB non-volatile internal memory, so it can be used as a stand-alone reader without any phone or PC. The tag information can later be downloaded later to a mobile phone or PC.

Product Release: BlueReader-X1 - Bluetooth Handheld UHF Reader

April 2011 -- TagSense releases the BlueReader-X1, which is a small low power low-cost handheld UHF RFID reader for use with mobile phones.  The BlueReader-X1 is available with Android software for easy customization for a variety of applications.

RFID Journal Live - Best in Show Finalist 2011

April 2011 -- Tagsense is unvieling a handheld Bluetooth UHF reader that communicates with a cell phone.  This product is being recognized as a Finalist for Best In Show at RFID Journal Live 2011

Product Release: ZR-ETH

Sept 2010 -- TagSense releases the ZR-ETH, which is a low-cost Ethernet-ready RFID reader for Active RFID at 2.4 GHz.  This reader features long read range and is compatible with al Tagsense active RFID tags.